About Grumpy Teds

A few years ago I popped into a Boot Fair (as we call them in the UK) just as it was finishing.  Everyone was packing up but all on his own on a table was a little teddy bear, he had a very grumpy face, he looked miserable, I couldn't leave him there all on his own so I rescued him (very cheaply) and gave him a good home.

Now we all know that teddy bears are very popular and are always appearing on greetings cards.  I couldn't use this particular little bear because he was someones else's design, so I did the next best thing and started making my own.  This project has come a long way since the day I bought that little bear (now called Dave), and it seemed obvious to call my business Grumpy Teds because it was inspired by a very grumpy looking Dave!

My original designs were based on an illustrative version of my grumpy looking teddy bears, now though I'm very busy producing a whole range of designs from dogs to sea creatures.  As long as I keep getting ideas and hopefully you like my ideas, I'll keep designing for apparel and bags - long may it continue!

By the way I also dabble in a bit of illustration and photography, which along with my handmade teddy bears can be found on my other website - Grumpy Teds

Jacqueline Morris


Dave on one of his woodland walks

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